DAP organizes the entire logistic chain as from dispatch order up to CIF destination of dry bulk materials by river barge on the European waterways. Best practices has given DAP the opportunity to develop a system of logistic solutions. Several millions tons of cargo are being transported by DAP annually. Various cargoes are handled and forwarded throughout Europe like: coal, ore, wood pulp, grain, container etc.

DAP Barging is able to settle German – and French canal dues via several special accounts on an automatic and digital basis. DAP offers worldwide logistic solutions in cooperation with its logistic partners LBH Group and LBH Shipbrokers.


The transport of bulk goods on the European waterways is the first specialty of DAP Barging. Every year about 6 million tonnes are being transported for clients from various industries. There is extensive expertise in the transport of various materials, including coal, ore, phosphates, grains, gravel and feed.

General Cargo

DAP Barging has been familiar for many years with the transportation of general cargo such as steel, non-ferrous products, wood and cellulose. DAP Barging will always charter well equipped barges.

Break bulk cargo

Your break bulk cargo will be well managed by us due to our experience in this niche market. Handling and forwarding of heavy parts like transformers, silos and machineparts. By it’s sheer volume the inland waterway is often the only possible way of transportation.


On a regular basis DAP provides the market with suitable and flexible river barges which are capable to cope with the demands of our customers.